Teach a man to fish.

Lifetick Coach is web based software that lets you manage others as they set and achieve goals.

Plans starting from $14/month.

What can you expect from Lifetick Coach?

Manage your users' Lifetick experience

Create Lifetick accounts for your clients/staff so they can set their own goals with full autonomy. Everything is included in the one price paid by the coach.

Get the big picture

See how your users are progressing. Are they on track? When did they last log in? The perfect snapshot of your users in action awaits you when you log in.

See the detail

Drill down into your users' activities. See the goals and tasks they are working on and their journal progress. Clear, detailed and up to date information on their activities is instantly accessible. Better information means better management of their performance.

Stay in touch

Easily communicate with your users through Lifetick Coach. Messages can be delivered to/from all your users, specific individuals or your own custom groups. Perfect for motivation, advice and maintaining a thread of relevant information between parties.

Manage multiple teams

Running a team of coaches or managers? Simply create additional coaches and manage your account centrally. Easily reassign users to different coaches as and when required.

Pursue team goals

Users can now share goals enabling collaboration that is fully transparent to the coach. You can even add supporters to cheer them on.

Access progress reports

Quickly produce individual reports to track how your users are performing. Instant and insightful information for you to use.

Add your own branding

Personalise your users' experience by displaying your logo on the login screen and inside the application. You can also redirect people to your website when they log out.

Need a reminder on what individuals get when they use Lifetick?

Core values

Start your journey in the most effective way by establishing your core values. Quite simply, they are the areas that define who you are. This is how goal setting should begin.

Goals + tasks

Follow the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method and create tasks and reminders that will give you direction, purpose and confidence in reaching new heights.

Journal + Reporting

With your every action recorded in the journal, you will take pleasure in seeing your most recent achievements.

Remember, your users get these and many more features included when you sign up for Lifetick Coach.
View the Lifetick for individuals page for a complete feature list.