Examples for how Lifetick can help me

Do you have something you've always wanted to achieve, but have never given yourself a real chance to actually do it? Lifetick appeals to all types of goals created by all types of people. Lifetick presents your own information in a way that makes it fun and engaging for you to achieve your goals. Read through some examples to get a better picture...

Right now I am...

Studying for my degree

Get your study schedule in order by setting up tasks for study times that remind you on a daily or weekly basis. You could identify a task as "Study Chapter 3" and set the due date for one week's time with a reminder every day. Furthermore, you can set up examination and assignment dates as tasks too. These would act as milestones. Just make sure you've got a date for your goal and you know exactly what it is you want at the end - e.g. Graduate from college with Honors.

Desperate to go on that big vacation

Trips are a breeze with Lifetick. Everything from buying backpacks to booking flights can be added as a task that will get you closer to achieving your dream vacation! Whatever it is you have to do beforehand should be entered into lifetick: apply for annual leave, get vaccinations, organize house sitter, redirect mail, drop off pets, purchase guide book, the list goes on... you'll feel better knowing you are organized and on track.

Trying to lose weight

Need the kind of routine prompting to keep your weight under control? Set up tasks to "Walk for 30 minutes every day" and have that reminder come to you each and every day. You may even want to set tasks that control your eating e.g. "Add up my calorie consumption this week". These help you to do the subtle things that might not seem much, but gently guide you in developing the right frame of mind and approach for losing weight. Logging in each day will crystallize it in your mind such that you know where it is you want to be.

Training for a big sporting event

Lifetick is perfect for the serious and not so serious athlete. Get a routine in place and set those reminders to fire off every week. Even when you need to reach a peak fitness level, you can have tasks associated with performance measures along the way e.g. "kayak for one hour on Sunday". Tasks like these would help you get to your ultimate goal that could be to "Complete the 7 mile kayak in 45 minutes".

Focusing on my work / life balance!

More than just a goal... an ideal! Achieving work / life balance has never been easier. With the ability to group your goals by core value, Lifetick shows you just where your priorities lie and where your time is spent. Need adjusting? Perhaps yes. Get the goals into Lifetick that will ensure your Life page balances the way you always intended.

What do you want out of life?

get fit, lose weight, get a promotion, finish your degree, go on that overseas trip, achieve work life balance, spend more time with family...