Goal setting for teams

Engage your employees at the highest level by helping them set and achieve their career goals.

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Motivate. Mentor. Empower.

Achieve strategic objectives

Working toward a strategic company objective? Align your employee goals and gain their support and buy-in.

Improve individual performance

Forget about one off end of year reviews and engage individuals more purposefully throughout the year, at times when it matters.

Develop a culture of employee engagement

Inclusive and interactive companies not only have more satisfied employees, they gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Engage your staff more deeply and effectively using Lifetick

Employee morale is a significant contributor to overall performance and Lifetick enables greater insight into your employees aspirations and frustrations. You’ll feel more informed the more you use the system.

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Take control of your team's success

Create goals for your employees or have them create their own.

Easily manage team goals that allow for assignment of tasks to different individuals.

Interact on a 1-on-1 basis through messaging and goal specific comments.

Encourage staff to journal thoughts and challenges so you can quickly gain a sense of progress and morale.


Easily set up your entire organisation with multiple managers supporting different teams.

Track achievement down to the individual level with graph and charts.

Set and manage performance goals for your employees

  • Managers have 24/7 access to their team members’ individual goals and therefore can monitor performance throughout each sales cycle
  • Teams can work together on team goals and ensure each task is assigned to the right person
  • Team members can easily manage workloads by tracking each goal at the granular level. The view of upcoming events in the journal ensures nothing is missed and everything can be scheduled in its correct order.

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Fitness Case Study

Crossfit “Boxes” are able to provide more tailored service to their members by offering personalised goals for each member. Bringing together the coach’s experience alongside the member’s ability, ambition and motivation, Lifetick ensures

  • Coaches can check in on progress prior to the member’s arrival so they can maximise their time together
  • Members can enter individual Trackers in the journal for each of their different exercise types so they can graph and report on improvements over time.
  • Members can “Support” each other with their goals. Simply adding a fellow user to the goal as a Supporter allows that person to see and comment on the member’s goal. Increases in accountability and community yield better results.

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Healthcare Case Study

Psychologists and therapists are able to give their clients a secure online application where clients can journal their thoughts and progress with the treatment they've been given. Furthermore,

  • Psychologists have the flexibility to log in anytime and see what’s been updated by their clients rather than wait for the next appointment
  • Both client and practitioner can send messages within the app keeping all correspondence secure and private.

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Life coaches

Life coaches are able to manage their clients in an incredibly efficient way giving them the right tool to empower them for their goal achievement.
  • Allow coaches to manage multiple clients privately or collectively using individual or shared goals.
  • Allow coaches to communicate with clients either individually, by personalised groups or across their whole client base.
  • Allow coaches to have a proven methodology (S.M.A.R.T. goals) ready for adoption by clients
  • Allow coaches to let their clients to operate either autonomously or in conjunction with their coach. Both have the ability to set and manage goals, but the client is the one that completes them.
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