Create a path for your family’s future.

Lifetick is web based software that let’s you set, track and achieve goals for parents, children and the whole family together.

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Whether it be home, office or travel, Lifetick is accessible anywhere, anytime to keep you in tune with what’s happening within your family.

Lifetick is a great way to engage your kids whilst teaching them the importance of goal setting throughout life.


Key features for families

Everyone can play a part in your family's goals and activities.

Lifetick lets the whole family jump on board. From family goals to individual goals for sport and school, Lifetick is a great way to educate kids on the importance of working towards goals in life.

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How can Lifetick help my family?

Goals for couples

Create goals as parents that the two of you can work toward.

Teach kids to save money

Help your children with savings goals by developing good habits early on in life that will serve them well after leaving home.

Track school work

Track school assignments and exams to better manage workloads.

Keep it all balanced

Get the big picture of how much is going on so kids aren’t overwhelmed or overloaded.