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Common questions

Do users have to buy a Lifetick account as well?

No. By purchasing Lifetick Coach, you will be able to provide your clients with their own Lifetick account. Therefore, do not need to purchase their themselves.

Can I have a Lifetick Coach account and my own Lifetick account?

This is not necessary. When you sign up and log in to Lifetick Coach you are automatically given a full Lifetick account for your personal use free of charge. You can switch between your coach account and your personal account from within Lifetick.

What happens to my existing Lifetick account if I sign up for a Lifetick Coach account?

If you use a different email address, then nothing will happen. You can continue to use the accounts separately as different users. However, if you create a Lifetick Coach account with the same email as your Lifetick account you will be given the option to merge the accounts such that you have the same log in details for both. Subscribers to Lifetick Coach are entitled to their own full version Lifetick account. Be aware that any existing subscription to Lifetick will be surrendered and it will now be part of your subscription to Lifetick Coach.

Can I use Lifetick Coach with a friend so we can see each others goals?

Yes absolutely. However, it is easier and simpler for friends to sign up for separate Lifetick accounts (not Lifetick Coach accounts) and share goals using the functionality available.

Do you have a web app version of Lifetick Coach for iPhone or Android?

Not yet. We may look to add this for coaches in the future though. Currently, clients (of coaches) can still use the current web app versions for viewing their own goals and journalling.