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Common questions

What features do I get with of Lifetick?

Visit our Home page to get a view of Lifetick's features.

Will anyone be able to see my goals and journal entries?

Not at all. The security of your information is our imperative. Furthermore, we want you to feel peace of mind as Lifetick becomes a part of your daily life. If you are using the Lifetick Coach product, then you will have the ability to mark each goal or journal entry as private from your Coach.

How do you calculate time zones?

This is determined by your system time on your computer. If you keep this up to date, then so too will Lifetick's dates and times for goal and task setting and reminders being sent.

Am I able to export my data?

Absolutely. We know it's important for people to not feel tied to a product. If for any reason you choose to stop using Lifetick, you can use the reports functionality to generate CSV files containing your data.

How do I set up an external calendar?

Lifetick provides a 'calendar subscribe' function which will synchronise your tasks and goals in calendar applications that support iCalendar. (e.g. Outlook 2007*, Apple iCal, Google Calendar). * Outlook has limited support. We have provided a couple of examples from common applications. If your application is not featured here, then simply use these examples as a guide when adding the iCalendar feed.

Google Calendar
Start by clicking the “calendar subscribe” button on the Navigate screen in Lifetick, then;

  1. Click the 'Copy to clipboard' button
  2. Then go to Google Calendar
  3. On the left hand side menu, Add "other calendar"
  4. Select "Add by URL"
  5. Paste the Lifetick calendar URL (from step 1) into the url field.
  6. Note: Google Calendar automatically updates the calendar at a regular interval. That means that your calendar may appear out of date at times until the automatic refresh occurs. There is no way to force a refresh or alter the refresh rate.

Apple Calendar app (formally called iCal)
Start by clicking the “calendar subscribe” button on the Navigate screen in Lifetick, then;

  1. Click the “Launch calendar application” button
  2. This should open iCal (if you are asked any questions by your browser, ensure you select any option which allows iCal to open)
  3. Click 'Subscribe' from the confirm dialog then confirm the Calendar's name and colour.
  4. Set a 'Refresh rate' for the calendar. This allows iCal to continually check for changes to your data.