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Goals and tasks

How do I see high priority goals or sort by magnitude?

Go to your Navigate screen. You will see three more pie charts displayed - Due Date, Magnitude and Priority. Simply click on the piece of pie in the chart to filter the view in your list.

How can I set up a recurring task?

When creating a task, simply select the recurring option. Then set the recurring frequency: daily, weekdays, weekends, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can choose to end the recurring task on a specific date or after a specified number of instances.

How do I see tasks in the Navigate screen?

Simply click on the down arrow next to the task count of the goal you wish to view. All active tasks will appear in a drop down below the goal.

How do I complete a goal?

Once all tasks have been completed, you will be asked if you wish to complete your goal. You can not complete a goal while there are still outstanding tasks.

Why is my core value colour grey?

This is because you have goals attached to a core value that you have previously deleted. All you need to do is reassign those goals to new core values and the grey will disappear.