Guide and encourage your clients as they set and work toward their goals.

Using the S.M.A.R.T. methodology, Lifetick makes it easy for your clients to set things up the right way from the outset.


Add new clients in under a minute.

Simply add your new client to Lifetick and they will automatically receive a welcome email (that you can co-brand and customize)


Easy access from mobile devices

Your clients can quickly capture progress and thoughts through a simple interface that guides them through the process. Whether it be mobiles, tablet, laptop or PC, Lifetick is optimized for any screen.


One-on-One Messaging for intimacy and security

Your clients will feel at ease knowing they can connect with you through Lifetick, keeping their journey to health and happiness all in one place under your watchful eyes. As their “coach”, you can also comment directly on their individual goal progress keeping them motivated through the highs and lows of recovery.


Simple goal entry at the outset. Amazing sense of achievement at the end.

We know the road is long and hard and you need every resource at your disposal to make a difference in their lives. Let Lifetick do the heavy lifting by having them record and track goals along with the all important journal for their deep thoughts.


Allow your clients to enlist some peer support

For every goal created in Lifetick, clients can add Supporters who will see their progress on that goal and comment on it with words of encouragement.


Divide and Conquer

Lifetick lets you assign different “coaches” to different clients. It can easily scale with your service and is flexible enough to handle any organization structure.


Moving on to a new life.

When your clients are ready to face the world again, they can take Lifetick with them. Simply “release” their account and they will automatically continue on the Free individual plan. You no longer have to pay for them as part of your subscription and they can choose to upgrade to Lifetick Premium for individuals if and when they choose.


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