Build a deep, connected relationship with your clients

Add your clients

Enter their email addresses, Lifetick does the rest with automated account creation. No fuss for you or them. Just get started.

Accelerate their growth

As your clients work on their goals, you can interact with them through Lifetick giving timely tips and advice.

Connect in session

Review and discuss their performance since their last session. Your effectiveness just went up a level.

Set and (almost) forget

We appreciate that most life coaches operate solo, so there are a lot of administrative tasks that take away from quality client preparation. Lifetick solves this. The ease with which coaches can set up their accounts and onboard clients means the focus can remain fully on the client and their ambitions. Lifetick is intuitively designed to guide new users into immediate goal creation. Our team will help you configure your account in 10 mins or you can do it yourself following our guides. We know your time is precious and no one wants additional admin in life.


Interaction with clients is a breeze. No need to wait for a scheduled session.

  1. The Life Coach adds their new client to their Lifetick account. It’s as simple as adding a name and email address.
  2. The client is automatically notified via email and can log in and begin creating goals and tasks and updating their journal. Clients can also track private goals, only visible to them, ensuring they can create a complete life picture.
  3. The coach can easily see progress and identify opportunities for coaching advice before their next session. Messages can be shared within the app, comments can be added to goals by the coach and the coach can even modify a task or goal on the client’s behalf to frame it better.
  4. The client relishes the oversight and guidance provided on their journey and is excited about discussing the details in their next coaching session.

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