Attend your next coaching session with the inside scoop

Life is a blur. And a lot can happen between coaching sessions. Don’t waste time re-reading notes and trying to ascertain where your client might be at. Lifetick gives you all that and more.

Goal progress? Check.
Last login? Check.
Journal up to date? Check.

Keep your mind focused on where their minds are at so you can do what you do best: coach.


Eliminate painful administration

Most life coaches operate solo, but even if you don’t there are a lot of administrative tasks that take away from quality client preparation. Lifetick solves this.

Easily set up your account in 10 minutes. We’ll even help you do it over the phone. Adding and removing clients is a breeze. Worried about teaching clients how to use Lifetick? Rest assured, it is seamless and intuitive designed with your clients in mind. And if they need help, then we’ll do a session with them. At no cost.

Going away on vacation? Send a message to one or all of your clients to keep everything in order and in place.


Keep your costs low. We only grow when you grow.

Whether you have one client or 100, our per user pricing model means you don’t have to worry about affording growth. No lock in contracts and no lock in pricing levels. If your clients go up and down throughout the year, so does your price. We’ve got your back.


Built a brand? Keep it..

Lifetick provides cobranding with your logo both in the app and in your automated and human generated email correspondence so your clients know they are in the right place at all times.

Our job is to make sure you look amazing doing your job.


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