Make all your goals S.M.A.R.T. goals

Construct the right goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Specific (S.M.A.R.T.) every time. Achievement is easier when you start with a sound process. Furthermore, you are prompted to align your goals to core values that keep you connected to what matters to you most in life.


Aiming to get ahead financially without losing your way?

Create financial goals that track each task as monetary amounts so you can add up your savings, count down your debt or strive toward your sales target. Clever calculations ensure your financial tasks add up exactly to your goal amount.


Key features

Due dates
Plan your tasks carefully with due dates and reminders

Repeating tasks
Ideal for forming habits or recurring items, repeating tasks

Sub tasks
Get the granularity or structure you need by breaking tasks into sub tasks where required

Task assignment on shared goals
Sharing a goal? Then share out the tasks too. Assign individually or for anyone to complete

Record notes directly against a task to provide more context when needed

Push out or bring forward due dates
Slipping behind? Relax. Easily push out (or bring forward) dates to more accurately reflect your achievement time frame

A place to dream and imagine

Got something big in mind? Don’t let it slip beyond reach. Record it as a Dream so you can convert it to a goal when you are ready. Let’s face it: we all have big plans in life. So why not get them all down in one place so you can see what you might want to work towards next?


The pen is mightier than the sword

Do you easily lose focus on what is important in life because of how busy you are? Let that be a thing of the past. With Lifetick’s Journal, you will not only get a complete time stamped record of goal and task creation and completion, but the ability to capture your thoughts along the way.


Track it, measure it, report on it

Lifetick is more than just goals. It is habits, it is life’s contemplations, it is recording progress in all parts of life. Tired of a fragmented digital footprint? Track the things that matter in one place and report on it along the way. Descriptive, financial, numerical, binary and count types are all available to give you the reporting you need.


See it all in real time

Your personal dashboard will give you the overview you need to feel more in control on your journey. It brings together your performance, your recent activity, your trackers and your journal in one place for you to view and interact.


Ready to get started?

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Here's why our customers think Lifetick is the best goal setting app online

Loved the intuitive design. The best!

Ajay B.

The new dashboard looks good. I love your product, I use it every day, you guys do great work. Thanks!

Alex K.

I’m loving the repeating tasks, and the ability to assign tasks on shared goals. I’m also living that the site makes me convert goals into actionable tasks; it keeps me from writing vague goals. Thanks for doing what you’re doing!

Ashley A.

Motivate. Mentor. Empower.

Achieve strategic objectives

Working toward a strategic company objective? Align your employee goals and gain their support and buy-in.

Improve individual performance

Forget about one off end of year reviews and engage individuals more purposefully throughout the year, at times when it matters.

Develop a culture of employee engagement

Inclusive and interactive companies not only have more satisfied employees, they gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Organizations get all the features that Individuals get plus a whole lot more.

Looking for a way to drive better performance in your school, company, NFP or small business? Lifetick brings performance to the front without cost and complexity. Get instant adoption and oversight with our organization capabilities.


Align your organization to your values

You’ve worked hard to create a culture and align your people to it. Lifetick ensures each person sets their goals under your organization’s values.


Collaborate on goals in all sorts of ways

Allow your people to work on goals independently or in teams. You can even enlist supporters to view others’ goals and help them achieve their aims. All goal collaborators can comment on goals to give their support.

Senior leaders can access "Super" capabilities to view and interact with all users. Perfect for CEOs, Directors and Principals. Stay close to all that happens.


Messaging between Leaders and Groups/Individuals

Maintain all your goal and performance messaging with employees, clients or students without having to use third party apps


Instant insights at your fingertips

Whether it be your own personal dashboard as a worker, student or client through to the comprehensive dashboards for organization leaders with drill downs and comparisons of user groups and time periods, Lifetick has it covered. Furthermore, our reporting module means you can get graphical and (exportable) tabular reports for individuals on Goals, Tasks, Journals and Activity. We’ll also go above and beyond for custom reports where required.


Branding and personalization

Place your logo in the application and emails for that personalized touch. Leverage custom terminology for user roles (e.g. Teachers/Students, Managers/Employees, Coaches/Clients). Finally, set up your own custom branded login page (and return page for logout)


Administration and oversight is a breeze

Here’s a host of options for our administrators:

  • SSO (for Professional plans)
  • Optional privacy setting for individuals' goals, dreams and journals
  • Data Export for goals
  • Bulk Upload User creation
  • User discontinuation options: Delete or Release (so they can continue using independently)
  • Deactivate/reactivate users for clients that might come and go (and not be charged for inactive users)

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